Fantasy, "The forming of mental images, especially wondrous or strange fancies; imaginative conceptualizing." noun, plural -sies, verb -sied, -sy-ing

There are many types of fantasy. Horror like Freddy Cruger, Sci-fi like Star Trek, Liturature like Watership Down and real-life Urban myth stories featuring creatures like the infamous and elusive Chubbacabra! Fantasy is all around us when we daydream and a part of us when we dream in sleep. Without fantasy, humans would live in an unimaginative, colorless world. Imagination triggers fantasy images and themes. Because of fantasy, so many things we've seen developed in the real world and captured in photographs or on location were made reality over time.

I dream alot. The colors, creatures and locations I see or experience in my dreams give me fuel to create. I'm sure even emotions like fear helps make every-day experiences like rustling of leaves at night make one think there's something unearthly "out there". A major part of fantasy comes from art. Paintings, drawings, sculptures etc. are all apart of a piece of mind that lets us create from fantasy.

Children imagine themselves as,on, in and around their toys. Imagining themselves outside the school window climbing the playground jungle gym. Every walk of life, every creed, every stage and age of human life, dreams, imagines, experiences and even sometimes lives in their own fantasy. We read books and get lost in the plot, we care about the characters or even fall in love with them. We watch movies and find ourselves apart of it, knowing things that the other characters don't.

Is there any part of every day life you live that doesn't have any form of fantasy in it? You would be surprised with the answer. Even common inventions, like the computer, were once fantasy. Things like the car, the can opener and even the refrigerator magnet were imagined by people that want to improve the lives of human kind. That ink you write with, that toilet you flush, even the very tv you watch fantasy with!

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