So finally I can show everybody a bit of the logo design work that's been going on behind the scenes.  While it's not finished and me and Christle are going back and forth with the details it's still exciting to see the development of where it is now and to show you.  

All the drawing (except my red chicken scratch) was drawn by our Co-Prez Christle, so make sure to direct your kind words to her for the work she's put in.  Remember...This is your studio too (for actual studio members), questions, comments and/suggestions are always greatly appreciated.  


(Below represents the latest progression. {most recent to earliest}  Crossed swords, a juggler, a dancer and a wreath will be added as well as redesigned tusks at the bottom of the shield)



PS - I'll start 3D modeling this logo and the final flag designs for the book back covers as soon as we've finalized them.