Interestingly enough this was a question posed by Christine, but she was only asking about that, in reference to the logo we're in the process of developing.  Imagine her shock and sense overwhelmedness (lol) when I poured out the studio mission all out and started philosophizing.

Truth be told I had it in my head and I think most you already had this in your head, just based on the concept, but I never really thought about crystalizing it and really putting it down.  So without further ado and with quite a bit of thanks from Christine here's OUR Vision/Mission statement:

The studio vision/mission is to create captivating and empowering stories about morality, mystery, heroism, comedy, tragedy, evolution and environmental responsibility vicariously through anthropomorphic characters and societies.

I think that says it  

Since we don't have an actual book as of yet "leaking" any other plot or story info isn't a good idea.