Okay Everybody Claudia asked me to post this for her.  She's the newest addition to the studio and will be working to support the development of 3D assets for the environments and textures for mapping that we'll be building with some of her Photo images as reference.  Claudia has really exceptional taste in capturing environments with lots of details and the light to accentuate every nook & cranny.


I've had the opportunity of living abroad for 17 years, in California; Santa Monica and San Francisco. My love lies mainly in Europe. I am fascinated by the UK, Germany and parts of the middle east. I've been back in Brazil since 2001 and have been living and working here as a freelancer.

i've been active in photography for the last 4 years, work independently and have shifted from working in a handful of different business service industries for the past 10 years. in summary, my efforts have always been geared towards business services: marketing, sales, public relations, strategy and risk management and communications.

i have a full career in hospitality in marketing and sales, working several well known hospitality organizations. working with hospitality has developed well my capacity to deal with people, multi-task and most all other industries in the business sectors. currently my intentions are to create partnerships and work with projects that will include photography. one of my ultimate goals is to partner, in a project, in the environmental sector, to be able to work alongside a well known organization to create awareness, enhance and educate people about environmental issues, to communicate and work to create more quality in our lives.

i shoot digital and have recently upgraded my camera to a canon powershot pro 1, a great camera! in the past i shot mainly with a canon powershot s330 and a nikon coolpix s6. for photo processing, i use lightroom, photoshop and/or corel paint shop pro photo softwares.

although i do not limit myself in photography to specific types of images, my works tend to be mainly bw. my tendencies lie in shooting urban, cityscapes, city life, portraits, nudes, landscapes, nature and some macro photography. in my self portraits, i am my own subject/model and enjoy exercising expressions, body language and working with the senses.

you can follow my works here >>
flickr - www.flickr.com/photos/kikapu
ipernity - www.ipernity.com/home/claudiaschulzm
art limited - 5307.portfolio.artlimited.net
wooloo - www.wooloo.org/claudiaschulz
facebook - www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=585824498