I guess I've been thinking about this for a while, but learning new things about you folks, including some deep passionate love for traditional media art I was thinking it might be good to toss it out there. It seems as if in terms of commercial art sales, atleast the higher end material, digtally produced and easily reproduced artwork is practically worthless regardless of how well crafted or designed. The idea of being able to easily reproduce it or even have someone steal it electronically and make however many identical digital clones at no real expense to them is what's created the low value of digital art and to a slightly lesser degree photography. However, an interesting trend that has not seemed to take off, thus far, but seems to pop-up here and there is mixed media which (just an example) might take something like a character created digitally and have it printed, on canvas, over a traditionally oil or acrylic painted background, maybe painted over in some way, distressed in some way and detailed with something as exotic as gold leaf even and framed. This blends the best of traditional and digital media into unique art that, if desired by some group of consumers/clients will maintain it's value. So, while I understand we haven't even gotten close to getting off the ground yet and Sci-Fi/Fantasy characters probably wouldn't sell well maybe doing traditional art like this with small accents of Allusionists Studio fantasy (whatever that might become) could be a nice secondary business for the studio. What do you think?


In additional news it looks like we have many studio mates on here and posting which is pretty sweet. Feel free to blog about anything here you find interesting in your day to day and stuff that is or could be relevant to the studio.

Also [Very Important] I believe I've found a pretty comprehensive contract template, which I'll upload here for everyone to look at. The amount of legalese, and overall number of pages was quite intimidating, at first, but I think it's just good to have everything thoroughly covered and there's no way I would have thought of all of those things. I think it's a good idea to try to take advantage of of all of that experience though. I'll post the contract as a "Private" document so you'll have to login to get it. Anybody ready to Skype yet?


...Another thing if, or when you leave a message on the Blog post or any other, since we are all signing in under the same account please remember to add your name to the post, so we know who's posting.