Hey there! My name is Shaylee, but you can just call me Shay. I am currently a senior in college attending Brigham Young University. I am majoring in Animation with an unofficial emphasis on design and concept work. I will be graduating this April (eeeeek!) and I'll be headed out into the big, wide, scary world.

I've always known I was destined to be an artist. There was simply no question about it. Its just...who I am. All through grade school I was known as "the girl who can draw". I didn't start taking art classes until high school and I took it for four years. I owe a lot to my art teacher, because she was absolutely amazing and taught me so much. But while I was studying traditional art during school, in my free time I was beginning to explore different styles - cartooning and character design. I was influenced by the art of Lilo and Stitch, as well as artists I was discovering on the web. Yet, as much as I loved these knew styles I was developing, still I thought I was going to major in illustration when I got to college. My sister was already in the program however and told me it was a waste of time. So I was kind of stuck. I didn't want to waste my time, but I wanted to do art. That's when I discovered BYU had a newly created animation program. Even though I was terrified to apply and didn't think I would get accepted, I put together a portfolio, and applied. And I got in.

Although most people's focus in the program is a technical position, I decided to continue with what I love - drawing and designing. Yes. I know there is no guarantee of a job doing design seeing as its intenstely competitive. But it's what I love. And with this business you have to choose between focusing on a skill that gets you a job, or a skill that you love. I could have learned other skills, but they won't make me as happy as designing does. So that's what Im sticking with. Im not saying I don't learn other skills. I enjoy animating and I appreciate the other skills involved with creating a 3D animation. But MAN I love design. Its my drive. X)

Im not entirely sure what I plan on doing come graduation. I want to apply for different internships/programs/jobs. My dream would be to work for Pixar (duh) just because they create GORGEOUS and BRILLIANT films, plus the atmosphere there is absolutely amazing. The people are so down to earth and friendly and they really want you to succeed. Its an environment I could  thrive in. So who knows. Maybe one day when I get some skills my dream will come true. 8) For now, I'll find other jobs to help me learn and grow as an artist and team member.