Hey everyone!  Name's Courtney, and at the moment, I'm a college sophmore at Iowa State University, with a momentarily-undeclared major in Anthropology.  I'm twenty years-old, and when I'm not going to class or chilling out with my dog Max, I'm usually working on art or writing.  I've been writing fantasty-fiction novels with a co-author for nearly two years now, and the road to self-publishing may be long but it is well worth it!  I've been drawing ever since I can remember, and I wouldn't honestly know what to do if I couldn't.  A lot of my early influences, which are quite still in play, have been animals and wildlife.  I have an affinity towards canines, but have dabbled in other areas and species (I think) successfully.  Since I have had to work hard at drawing humans and the general human figure, as it has not come naturally towards me, the sort of stepping stone between animals and humans were obviously anthropomorphics.  Most of what I do is self taught through observing and lots fo practice, although the most recent works involving anime and manga was more from exposure and practice than anything else.  I have just recently this past December I recieved a wonderful Wacom tablet, and have been practicing on more digital artwork, as previously I was almost exclusively a traditional-media artist.  Even with the new technology, I still have a preference towards a trusty pencil and eraser, and use pencil sketches as a base for my digital work as well.

I'm really not sure exactly where all my inspiration comes from.  At times, it's from nature, or my own co-novels.  Other times, it's simply a passing thought or something completely original that's from my own imagination.  Movies and books usually have some creative impression as well, and those I tend to enjoy most are fantasy-fiction (like Lord of the Rings) or mystery/thriller types.  A good action flick never hurt, either.

I've worked with a good number of medias, mostly traditional.  Anything from leather, hide, bone, feathers, to more common varieties of paper (sketch, bristol, watercolor), painting canvas, or even a pair of Converse I personalized for myself.  As my mother once put, "The world is your canvas.", although I don't necessarily know if she meant that in a bad way, but I'd rather take it as a compliment.

I am very excited about this project, and I think it's an absolutely fabulous idea.  I really am thankful for this opportunity, and I can't wait to work on this excellent team of individuals.

If you ever need to find me, I'm usually hanging around here most days: rileymai.deviantart.com