I feel so out of place amongst these college artists!

As soon as I get my GED I plan to go to the best art college I can get and make a living in Pixar, Dreamworks or Disney.


I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana a bouncing blonde, blue-eyed daddy's girl. Growing up in the countryside is an experience I think everyone should at least get a little feel of, it really brings out the best of you. Lived and took care of a lot of animals from chickens to dogs to my neighbors' renegade calves that always seemed to know how to get out of a barbed wire fence and into Daddy's corn, cabbage, ocra and squash garden just a hoof trot away.

We had a little bit of everything on our massive four green acres. White oak cornered our yellow double-wide and fig trees 9 foot tall overgrew the back porch so much that we couldn't see our neighbors to the right of us. Wild rabbits, opossum, field mice and a wide range of birds made up our diverse little good life. Daddy had tractors everywhere and a building full of parts and tools, he was always outside doing something - be it cutting the grass or tending to his crops.

Ma's a portrait artist, has been since her teen years. I got the better part of that when I turned three. I started out tracing and looking off, then my imagination goblet floweth over with dragons and things so fiction that tracing and the like were no longer needed. In Ma's later years she's sold her Silver Screen Star Portraits for over $500 a piece and was well known in a small area where she worked for 22 years as a paralegal for Art Colley and his movie/television business. Being in such a position to bring home movies that were not even released in theatres; I got to see the best thing to me since my Dalmation Jewel - The Lion King.

I think Disney inspired the majority of artists of today, in my opinion, he certainly inspired me. Since then I've wanted to get into the business, some animating or artistic studio I can make myself at home and a decent living. When I turned 15 I got my first taste of the world wide web and my first experience with the digital media. Before then I've tried mediums such as oils and canvas, chalk and board, pencil and paper... I never thought for once that pictures could be made digitally and I was enthralled! Delving into these untroubled waters from the bridge of my blissful ignorance. Yes, at 15 I knew very little about this cold, unforgiving but opportunistic world.

With Windows 2000 and a brand new 6 year old mouse I drew and colored my first digital otter. From that moment on, I was hooked on Graphics! I'm 20 now, and I've adventured into many subjects I thought I could never surpass. Starting out with canines and then felines, my dragons and fiction. Then horses and creatures feral, until I graduated into humans. I struggled with faces and the muscles, which I still do to this day, but my past trials don't hold a candle to what I produce today.

I know advancing in an art college and graduating will open new doors and windows and fling me into fiery horizons never concieved by this mellowed beholder. A new day I hope comes to wisk me away soon. I'll be able to stand beside my Idols, Evana, Silverbobcat, Shinera, and Hellcorpceo just to name a few. In the words of Weily Burp, "One man's sunset is another man's dawn."