Urban : Adj. 1. Of or pertaining to, or designating a city or town; 2. Living in a city; 3. Characteristic of or accustomed to cities; citifid : he is an urban type.
Rural : Adj. 1. Of or pertaining to, or characteristic of the country, country life, or country people; rustic : rural tranquility; 2. Living in the country : the rural population; 3. A person who lives in a rural area.

Personally I’ve lived both lives. I was born between houses (not literally lol) I had one home in the city of Baton Rouge on Truman Street in a 4 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 attic, (which I never knew existed until I was 15 wtf. XD) and another that was out in the rural parts of Zachary on Chaney Road on a plot of 4 acres, living in a double wide 3 bedroom 2 bath. Which is better? Living in a rural setting or living in an urban setting? You can’t have both, well, unless you’re made of money!

In an Urban setting, everything seems so much closer. Your job is at least 30 minutes away (without the traffic), the grocery stores are within your reach, the parks, the schools, the activities and fun places to go to on weekends like theatres and bowling alleys. Gas stations, apartments and restaurants too! But with all good things, there are some bad qualities. The crime rates are higher, prices get ridiculous, you live way too close to strangers, all the noises that keep you up all night and annoy you all day, constant construction, (Hwy 51 will never be finished LOL) horrible traffic, smog (which gives you health conditions), and time is your enemy. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything you need to do. Because of the traffic, you make it to work late, you possibly get fired, which means no money to pay rent, groceries, etc.
You walk most of the time because there’s no point in driving a block or you know you won’t find a spot to park.

In a Rural setting, the only loud noises you hear are tractors and those only start up five to six times a month. Everything is quiet and peaceful. Your nice and helpful neighbors are miles away from you, and there’s nothing but sky above you. Privacy, a sense of security, good clean air, and there’s always someone’s grass to cut for money! :3 But this too has its cons. There’s wild animals that can get into your garbage, your gardens, your home and even your car! (I found a petrified frog under the drivers’ seat, looked like it’s been there for years. XD) If there’s livestock around (yours or not) there’s always a possibility of them getting loose. Common diseases from wildlife infecting your animals. Pests in your homes (like mice and rats, but even Urban areas have this problem). You have to drive for miles to get to a city to get what you need like food and gas for your tractor.

There’s always a possibility for thieves (because who sits out all night and watches flood-lit porches?)
You have to constantly keep your yard up or it will grow up to your knees.. (quite literally);

Even though I’ve lived the majority of my life in the rural setting, I also enjoy the comforts of the urban setting. So, thinking about your future and where you will most likely move to (because you will have to leave the nest someday xD) Where will you go? Are apartments fair for you? Most don’t allow pets and have strict rules (most have rules but some are ridiculous wtf); Or would you rather buy a small house (or build) or a trailer on a plot of acreage? You’ll be a good ways away from any help or supply, but you’ll have your solitude!

They should have a name for living on the dividing line of Urban and Rural.. It seems better that way. xD…