Science Fiction : “Science fiction is difficult to define, as it includes a wide range of subgenres and themes. It is a broad genre of fiction that often involves speculations based on current or future science or technology. Science fiction is found in books, art, television, films, games, theatre, and other media. In organizational or marketing contexts, science fiction can be synonymous with the broader definition of speculative fiction, encompassing creative works incorporating imaginative elements not found in contemporary reality; this includes fantasy, horror, and related genres.”

Movies like Star Trek, Alien, Predator, Star Wars etc.. are all Science Fiction or Sci-Fi. They deal with future ideas and creativity. Since this is such a broad subject, I’ll stick to one genre. Movies.

Star Trek and Star Wars are the definition of Sci-Fi when it comes to movies. They have robots and technology like light sabers that don’t exist in real life. What would the world be like in the future? Will we actually live in a world similar to them both?

It has to do with a lot of fantasy as well. Such technology has to be made up otherwise if it were possible, we’d already be living Star Wars and Star Trek lives! Allusionist Studios work with Sci-Fi. We use that in our Graphic Novels. Our locations and living structures, towns, cities, Empires etc. will all derive from the Sci-Fi prospective and that’s a lot of ground to cover!

Sci-Fi is a make believe world, where in reality, could never occur. It’s a world of play, where the imagination can run wild and everything sounds reasonable. The point of Science Fiction is to make everything sound reasonable. That’s why Star Wars and Star Trek were so believable because they had a definite reason and logical explanation for everything. From the Starship Enterprise to the Vulcan Science Officer Spock, everything had a realistic history and believable friendship.