Standing in line at the cafe ordering lunch.

Next thing I know the girl beside me falls to the floor.

I watch her in disbelief unable to break her fall.

I'd been think about the Italian guy who works there.

He always calls me signora.

It sounds so much better than m'am or madame.

Next thing I'm thinking is that's strange.

I see her fall out of my peripheral vision

Her descent was so smooth except for when the back of her head smacked the floor.

I squat down feeling panicky wishing this movie it seemed I was in was better scripted.

"Are you alright?" The training from first aid class paying off. Looking up and saying, "We need help here." All very surreal and even though I looked calm on the outside, inside was just question after question. Keep her down. Ask again, "Are you alright?"

Three guys,one phone in hand, I forget to tell them I'm trained in first aid and cpr. They look at me like what the hell? They work there.

I listen- the one with the phone is talking to emergency services. I turn my attention back to her again. "Are you alright?"

"I'm diabetic."

Someone tries to give her some soda. I wave it away. Another man helps me sit her up to sip some orange juice. The men want to sit her on a chair. I tell them no. I keep my arm around her. She'd slipped against me just a moment before. I hold on for a few more minutes. It's dangerous to get up too quickly after a faint. I hold her steady a few moments more and the men who work there decide they are going to take over. The ambulance was on it's way. I let her go and tell them not to move her. The man on the phone agrees. I get up to resume ordering lunch.

When Bebe and I get to the table he's emotional from my response. It was all automatic.

When the Italian man comes over, he asks me the details of her fall. He doesn't call me signora today, he simply says thank you.

I wonder what we'll say next time.