Bebe admitted he felt jealous initially when I said I fell in love with a boy for five minutes.

He'd thought about it for a day before he mentioned it again. He said he'd decided I was longing for a relationship from my youth. That this was something I should pursue. That my happpiness was of the most importance to him.

Wow. He's a smart man. The very idea scared the crap out of me.

I'm afraid to be dangling out there. There's predators! I don't want any one night stands. I can't imagine finding a match either.

Bebe knows I am not a frivolous person but I'm not sure he has any idea of the depth and breadth I would require from a potential lover. I don't play around. I attempt to make lifetime commitments.

Truthfully, the reason I felt so much for that boy was because he was fresh enough, unspoiled enough to believe- that all one had to do, was believe.