Bebe wasn't happy to know I went to a gem show and fell in love for five minutes this afternoon.

Herkimer diamonds- align all chakras- bring clarity and resolution.

The handsome young man came over and asked if I was enjoying the show.

I'd just been on the other side where they were burning smudge sticks. His sign had drawn me further in.

"Yes, I'm enjoying the show. I was just reading your sign about Herkimer's."

"I'm hoping these three carats I'm wearing in my ears will bring me clarity and resolution."

"You're wearing them well" he said.

He added a moment later- "And you know, whatever you believe is going to come true."

That did it for me. I was so in love I had to leave.

I still can't get him out of my head.

Hmm, my desired effect was a wish for a whiff of clean white tee shirt on a firm brown brown arm smelling of sunshine and dust. My thoughts were of double terminated diamonds and campsites and afternoons in fields and nightfalls in sleeping bags. It was a fast moment of sensory surround and lust. Transported to a field next to a mine with a boy really. Such a beautiful, beautiful boy.   

"How old was the boy?" asked bebe. 

Twenty seven, I thought. 

Oh, I don't know - too young for me.

"His nationality?"   


We were talking about metaphysics and gem properties. I said.

By way of an answer from bebe, I got a link back

Was that because you don't think I understand?

Metaphysically quartz crystals are believed to be the most powerful of healing stones.  They are also believed to help align, balance, and unblock the seven chakras (or energy centers).  Herkimer diamonds are considered to be the most powerful of quartz crystals.  They are also believed to increase psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and telepathy, and to increase empathy.  Smoky Herkimer diamonds are believed to be especially powerful for the earth (base) chakra and to be linked to the earth. Phantom, which indicate a separate phase of crystal growth - an inner and outer crystal - inhance meditation and trances and work to attune the healer to the patient and make healing energy pass more freely and diagnosis of illness easier.  Rainbow Herkimers symbolize beauty, light, and joy as well as increasing harmony and deeper connectivity to relationships.

Magical Uses:

In modern magick, Herkimers are used to boost the effectiveness of spells and bring about changes, especially those from the astral level, more quickly.  They are also used to increase power and protection - from disease as well as psychic attacks.  They are used to ease channeling and astral projection as well as deepening the trance acheived in meditation and increasing psychic abilities.  Phantoms are used link to ancient and Ahkashic records or ancestral knowledge.  Rainbows are used to bring happiness, joy, and light to all spells as well as love spells - which can be made stronger with a rainbow Herkimer.  Herkimers with apetures are used to prepare gem elixirs for healing and spells and for divination and scrying.  Herkimer diamonds are the most powerful of all gemstone magically and can be used in any type of spell or magick.  Many witches and mages wear them all the time for protection and to continue the power directed towards spells and rituals once the spell or ritual is complete.  They are also the only gem that can be subsituted for a carbon diamond in magic without losing the potency or hampering the desired effect.

When you asked me what I wanted to be, I told you. A girl with a camera and a backpack.