ah the club... it was like dancing inside a boxcar. it was so hot. probably too hot even for the people from the Caribbean and Africa...so hot that when a smartass buzzed around me like a fly i told him to get away right off the bat . he kept circling the room to make another attempt.
i was glad when Yusef hopped on. he was smoother about it. a few dances in he asked me what i was doing later. going home, was my response.
he then asked me if i could give him a ride home. i told him sorry, no. he told me he thought his friends had left him behind. i just raised my eyebrows and shrugged. he went off to see. i saw him dancing with another girl five minutes later .and another,  looking back at me over his shoulder a few times. no te veo, Yusef!  then i saw him leaving alone two seconds before i did. i never did get to tell him- people who leave you stranded are not your friends.

Hot as a boxcar- isn't it always?

Today I was at the gym pumpin it out on the Cybex ArcTrainer. Thinkin about how I almost never see any of the boys from the club at the gym. I'd only seen one so far. I figured it was a socio economic factor. Then I opened my eyes to see one of my first dance partners of this year exiting the building. That was a surprise. 

I'd just been thinking about the boy I had seen there. He looks like a butterscotch bear cub. Fuzzy golden brown with shaggy butterscotch curls. His twin brother looks identical except for being completely shaved and scrubbed. He's the one who saw that guy spill the beer on me at the disco. Except it was bad luck reggae night. He regards me warily now when I see him around town.

Silly brain- never shuts off.

Damned if that assh*le who spilled the beer on me didn't end up in my viewfinder downtown. Just shooting into the crowd in the park I got him four or five times. That was the same day I got two lovers kissing by accident too. The Universe was really opening up to me that afternoon.


Anyway...I was surprised to see butterscotch boy in the weight room one afternoon when I walked in. Odd juxtaposition, bebe was also there, strange collision of two worlds meshing.  I was remembering that afternoon when I opened my eyes and saw Joshua leaving the gym.

He was at the club Friday night too. He danced my way but just cruised by a couple of times. He was a very considerate dance partner. He's at least two feet taller than me. I really felt under a canopy being next to him. He had a kind, protective way of putting his hands on me too. Nothing frisky or fresh about it.

Maybe none of this seems important to you but it all seems very important to me.