Someone commented they'd like to touch my hair. Don't worry I'll never name you, Someone. Well, maybe a nickname. We'll see. Anyway it was a sweet compliment because there were other things to touch in the pic that another man might have noted. Thank you handsome.

I get asked by my dance partners often if they can touch my hair. I thought it was just a hood thing. I didn't know it was universal...

G*d I miss dancing. My bodyguard's coming from Texas at the end of this month. He's already told me he'll escort me out safely and back- to dance with abandon. That sounds great but it's a ways away... Couldn't you come a little sooner Guy?

In the meantime I may have hurt bebe's feelings just now. He wants to see me dance too. How to work that out? Hmmm.

I still wanna go. It's Friday night.

I thought of belly dance lessons. Then I could be elevated to an art form and no one could touch. AND I could buy that cute mermaid belly dance costume I saw's been on my mind for weeks now.

Did I just say I didn't wanna be touched? Oh la. I wanna go out!