It's a cool track. The dj spins 7 inch vinyl. 

Dancing alone. Who cares. Except there's this white dude and blond chick next to me doing ballroom to dub. They''re taking up 87% more space than they ought to. They're Americans. What do you expect? I'm Jamaican by injection. I got that squared away a long time ago.

So- I was happy to see my tree from Saturday night show up. I wanted to be in his space again. We shook hands and he melted away. I was left on the floor with the guy he appeared with. I thought he was Jason. He grabbed me and started dancing. I tried to turn back to see where Tree went. Pseudo Jason pulled me back around and into him. I didn't resist. Silly girl.

He kept telling me I was making him crazy while we danced. I pulled back and told him that was his problem. I don't know why I kept dancing with him. He asked me if I wanted something to drink. I don't accept drinks from strangers. I buy my own. Smart girl.

He kept grinding into me. That's normal for dub. Then he tried to kiss me.Three times. Every time I was quick enough to turn my head. He didn't like that. One landed on my cheek. The next on my neck. The last my forehead.

I was getting a little fed up with this duck and bob.

Why did I go into the halllway with him when he asked me to? I have no idea. I wasn't drunk in any way. Stupid, stupid girl.

The hallway's safe right? It's public, well lit. He motioned for me to go around the corner to sit on the carpeted stairs. WTF? I did. Damn it!

I told him we weren't supposed to be there.

He said, "What happened to you ? I went to City Cafe every night after we danced. Looking for you". 

I'm thinking- it's not called that anymore. I must have danced with you a long time ago.

He says, "Remember Goodyear? You brought me there".


"Goodyear! You must be mother fucking, stupid to say that to me! I gave you a ride to your car. That was two years ago. You pinned me."

"No I didn't."

"You were on top of me and I couldn't get you off. I've only given one guy a ride. I wouldn't forget."

"There was talk about a motel." Bastard!

"There was no talk of a motel. You still work there?"

"Uh, no."

"Get away from me!"

"Why you don't like black men?"

"My children are black, don't you dare say that to me!"

"Oh, you like black men."


I got ahead. He was two flights behind me. The bouncer said good night pleasantly as I whizzed by. My feet hit the sidewalk and I started sprinting. Thank god for the gym. I got in my car and locked it.

This is where I remind you of the rules of the club. Always park near the entrance, under a streetlight. Make sure the bouncers know you.

As I rounded the lot to leave he stood waiting for me to pull around. I felt like I was in a movie. There's only one way out.  I slowed down to a crawl. Who knew if he'd jump in front of the car? I could hear him through the glass," I just wanna talk to you for five minutes."

I shook my head and drove on. Worried girl.