I'd already rejected two dance partners when Jason jumped on. They were hopeless losers. He was young and energetic. He had that island boy mentality. You know that first little street urchin when you step off the plane in the Carribean? Oh, so alive and cute but with the potential to drive you crazy with his enthusiasm later. A drive born of survival.

He could dance and I preferred to be in his corner. While we were dancing I felt two hands on my hips from behind. I turned back to see a tall tree holding me. He looked nice so I let him stay on.

The three of us danced together for a while. My tree held on. Then Tree turned me toward him. Jason had to give up. Reluctantly, I might add. He left us where we swayed.

I had all I could do to keep my hips moving while I breathed in his aroma. I was leaning in and gulping breaths of him. Man starved woman, I am.

He didn't know I was taking advantage. He started to caress my hair and neck. I couldn't have cared less that he was making my hair flat. I loved it when he rested his chin on the top of my head. He put his arms around me and I hugged him back. It felt like my arms could go twice around. He held me tightly at the waist in a very affirmative way.

We were roused from our reverie when Jason came back with a Corona and plopped it on the tree's shoulder- landing it right next to my head.  I ignored him. Tree took the beer. Trying to balance it and me.

The three of us got low after that. Jason looked in my eyes with surprise when he saw me ride his friend's thighs down to the floor. "You get low?"

The middle aged Puerto Rican couple beside us looked at me with amusement. A few minutes later the man tugged my sleeve. "Hey, somebody's losing all their money when they get low." I laughed. I only had 3 bucks in my pocket. I told him so. He said, "Yeah that's what I just found!" After midnight people are so silly. I laughed again and told him to enjoy it. The ride I'd just had was worth a million bucks.