"Oh, you know men."

Bebe said that to me yesterday in the most offhand way. I'm reasonably attractive so he was positive I do.

Truthfully, I'd have to say with certainty- I don't. I told bebe that too. He was shocked.

Yes, I've been alive a considerable amount of time. I've had numerous relationships with the other gender. Yet, I can't say I know them. My experience can't be a fair representation.

In my case- love from a man always comes with complications. Limiting complications. Complications which ascertain he and I, Whomever HE may be, will never be together.

The excuses are amazing. Believeable mixed with beyond the pale for ridiculousness.

If a desirable unattached man  ever makes himself known to me I will be shocked.

If it didn't work out and he had the balls to say so, I'd probably fall down in a faint.

I've never met such a man. So I have to say, I really don't know men at all.