Yes, I did go dancing again last night.

The crowd changes according to the dj. No need to worry about seeing the same dude too many times in a row. It's never the same dj twice.

Last night's jock was some moldy '90's leftover. He was wearing a wool vest and a tie. Flashback stylee. He was spinning stuff that was putting me back into a past I didn't want to return to. I'd danced like I meant it, like it was my job, for as long as I could take.

I took a walk around the bar and came back in on the other side hoping the crowd would look better. I didn't feel like having another drink and there was still forty minutes to go. I decided to call it a workout and keep on dancing anyway.

An anthem from the decade I met my girlfriend, came on. I figured it must be some kind of sign. I threw myself into it. I thought. Next thing I know a bouncy, brunette chick (wearing a skirt- you have no idea) elbows me- and say's "C'mon!"  WTF? I'm pretty sure I danced with my ex to that song...

I tell her the music's old. She says, "Yeah so what."  Alright.

She was a crazy woman. I held back. She had no idea.

Four or five songs later she got her boyfriend to jump on.

I had noticed him. A smooth boricua with one of those 3/8 inch wide chinstraps. Love those. How the heck do they do it?

He'd been standing off to the side of us. Having a huddle with his posse in the middle of the dance floor.

He jumped on and I gave him a nod of acknowledgement. His response- a shrug in his eyes.         I stayed cool. Shorty gets low.

I came back up and looked him right in the eyes. He didn't quite know what to do.

His girlfriend rocked it.

She was so happy she was having her way.

The last song ended and I touched her arm to say goodnight.

She grabbed me and gave me a big, sweaty hug and thanked me. I didn't look to see what he did.

As  I walked out- kryptonite couldn't touch me.