Riding in the Mercedes. Bebe's driving us to lunch.

"Gee, that story about your thighs yesterday was very funny, honey." he said.

"I'm glad you think so."

Bebe and I have an intimate personal relationship. It's only inhibited by a decision he made six weeks before I was born. That decision keeps us apart at night. Except for our nightly contact on instant messenger.

Our actual relationship tends to be virtual most of the time.

I'd gone out on Saturday night without letting him know. He'd already gone to bed. Club life doesn't get going till midnight.

"You know going to the gym is about more than just honing my thighs, it's about conditioning my mind."

He gave me the gym membership.

"Of course!"

I went on to say- all of you would rather hear about my dance experiences boosted by my new found prowess, rather than hear me relate the same old rhetoric about what a good physical workout does for one's mind, spirit and body.

 It does!

When  José made his way back to me it was apparent he was somewhat looser than before. As he turned back to pass his Corona to his buddy, I detected a wobble. I also noticed the rest of his latino posse. I was glad to note he had friends. Actually I wondered if I looked stupid dancing with a guy so spent. He was small and wiry, a good thing because there were times I had to grab him firmly by the waist to hold him up. He didn't seem to mind my nails digging in. I didn't want to embarass him by turning away. It was only moments till the night ended. By way of conversation I asked him what his name was. When I told him mine- he already knew it. Oops.We must have danced before. 

He then went on to tell me where he worked. I'd already guessed by the feel of his hands, he was a dishwasher. Oddly, I'd taken a pic of that place recently. I won't be going in. We ended our dance with me telling him to drink a lot of water before bed. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and tapped him on the nose. Then I bounced away before I could determine whether or not I upset him with the nose tap.

I always leave quickly at the end of the night.

I felt supercharged.

As I made my way to the door one last guy made an attempt to connect.

"Hey! Hot Mama!"  Funny, that's what my friend Cal calls me. He's in North Carolina.

"Hey, Mama, I've seen what you do- you're really something. You better come with me. I think you've got some potential you haven't realized yet."

Haha! Mental strength kicked in.

"Oh, yes I do!" Bye!

I floated home.