When I want the world to know i have luscious thighs I go to the gym. If that's not enough- then i go to the club. Double Luscious.

When I'm out of sorts bebe suggests i do one or the other pronto. He has yet to see me dance, Though he has seen the mad workout i do at the gym to my dance tracks. Woo! It's a bit different with a live partner instead of an elliptical or a treadmill. He wants to see me dance but  i think it's best he doesn't. Though he is very openminded.

Anyway, I felt the need to get low on Saturday night. It'd been weeks. Apparently some boys noticed. A few queued up.

Nothin serious. Just a whole lotta fun. First José. We danced five songs. THAT's unusual.It was intimate dancing. I'm not going to give you the specifics. But I could... Amazing what one can ascertain after a few dances.

Next I bellied up to the bar and flashed my cash like a brat. The bartender recognized me and my Heineken appeared without words. PIMP. i know, shut up.

Bottled beer is a must on the floor. Heineken's as exotic as this place gets.

After José jumped off- I took my beer and grabbed a spot in front of the G's dancin against the wall. They're somewhat used to me. They just haven't figured out I'm a G yet. I give myself a lot of gangsta inner dialog. Yeah, I'm wacked.

So I wound it for a while on my own. I throw my hands in the air and wave my ass like i just don't care 'cause i don't. i own this town. haha see?

I think i was windin it right in front of Seth from Senegal too but he was giving my backside some attitude so i pretended not to notice.