For anyone who might not know- Staples is an office supply store. A HUGE office supply store. Anything you need they've got it. Everything for your office life plus all the accoutrement of photography. It's paradise.

I love to just go in to smile at the gaily colored legal clips and push pins. Yeah, I'm a freak.

I also go in to buy SD cards. I have a collection. I'm afraid to delete even when the images are exported to external and internal hard drive. I'm going to have to get over this- I'm amassing quite a collection. I've been buying cards like some girls might buy charms for their bracelet. Or shoes for entertainment.

The other thing I love about Staples is the skinny, geeky, adorable boys who work there. I've fallen in love with the type of boy I wouldn't have given a second glance in high school. Of course these boys are just out of high school. It's rather Mrs. Robinsonish of me to have this little inclination. It's all mental though.

So yeah, the first time I went in, I got this adorable puppy named Seth. He helped me find a voice recorder and a memory stick. We had a meaningful convo about goods.

A couple of weeks later, I ran in at night. Full makeup and dressed for a party I was to shoot. Seth again. I had some questions about the voice recorder. Seth started to answer matter of factly- then he noticed my makeup and party attire- oh hey it's YOU. You look great!!!  ding ding ding!!! my happiness meter went off. We finished up the sale. I left beaming.

I've been wearing full makeup and dressing up since I got back from Berlin. It started because I heard my ex was moving back into town. Truthfully, it's because I wanted her to feel crushed if she ran into me. Silly girl stuff.

With Seth's recognition of my attempts I was encouraged to keep it up.

Anyway off to Staples once again for one more SD card.

When I get to the register, I'm greeted by a skinny boy with glasses named Nick. He's cute in a hopelessly, desperate way.

Nick is a meaningful name to me. I have a friend named Nick. Right now I'm a little uncertain whether my Nick and I are still friends. I decide to take this interaction with a new Nick as an indicator of what may happen with my friend Nick. don't ask, i have a busy, busy brain which many would probably decide was unbalanced if they could see in the way i let you.

Staple's Nick says to me after ringing up my happy pushpins and then my Sd card- "You know m'aam we offer a service plan on this card..."

"No, thank you."  I say by way of cutting off his spiel.

I own too many cards already to buy protection plans on them. And I've heard the spiel.

He's a bit nervous because his manager's nearby and I cut him off from doing his duty to upsell.

Nick leans in towards his register while I punch in my debit transaction. I decide to push the button for cash back without telling poor Nick. The cash drawer opens into his groin.

" Oh, I decided to get cash back."

"Yes, I noticed." he says, with all the composure a seventeen year old can muster. After being wacked in the groin by a cash drawer with his manager nearby.

Oh my. I downplayed. "Sorry bout that."

"Have a nice day, m'am. Please come back anytime."

"Thank you, Nick I will."

I left smiling. He wasn't permanently injured.

Mrs. Robinson isn't sure how things are going to turn out with the other Nick.