Someone wrote me to say I had guts for posting this pic on the net. Brave- because women are subjected to so much in the way of derogatory interactions. I didn't post it because I'm brave- I posted it because it has relevance and illustrates a story.

Attending story:


i went thorough three airports before my body jewelry finally set off the metal detectors. it was in jfk. curious sidenote, every tsa agent and porter in that area of customs was jamaican. my ex husband is jamaican- i know jamaican people when i see them.

when my jewelry set off the alarm  i was told i had to go to a private room to be investigated. i had 3 bins of belongings and my shoes were off (standard procedure). i know my rights.

i told the agent, absolutely not.
she said, "Well, we're going to have to look at you right here then."

I was a proud nursing mother to two jamerican children. wtf do i care if i have to whip my tit out?

that's when she puked in her mouth a little bit.

i asked her if she'd like to see the other one.

she choked out a no.

I've been subjected to rude comments and leers from men all my life. Always fully clothed. I don't think it's because I'm more attractive than others. It's just the way a lot of men were raised. Apparently, no one ever told them to think with the big head instead of the little one. Needless to say- I won't be taking up naked video bloggging anytime soon. Unless I can think of something really important to say which requires nudity.



I'm not a prude. I'd like to see the world grow up!


edit: link to original post which was set to friends and family only initially to keep out leering onlookers