When i entered the club last night it wasn't two seconds before a guy named Chuck- assigned himself to me.

all over me

telling me he was a real estate investor in springfield

our nation's 13th most violent city

you so pretty - he said

i love your dimples

if i had a lady like you in my life

everything would be perfect

bullshit - i thought

i indulged him anyway

i stepped up to the bar to order two drinks wondering if i'd get paid

moot point

wondered simply out of curiousity

mr important's friends made an appearance

he stepped away

i got the drinks and paid

turned to give him his

and he ignored me

tugged his sleeve a couple of times

till he accepted the drink

no intro

i turned on my heel and hit the dance floor

he found me ten minutes later talking with another man

his displeasure was obvious

i excused myself and he persued

when asked- i told him

his expectations

exceeded any likely outcome that would take place

i saw the smile in another man's eyes who overheard

Chuck couldn't take it

he followed

me onto the dance floor

thanked me for the drink

and told me he was

surprised at my behavior


At the end of the night I saw him leaving with his arm around the waist of a woman the size of a loveseat.

I hope she's prepared to sit on him. He deserves a squashing.