I have three airplane stories to tell from my trip to Berlin and back .

After yesterday's disclosure and today's resulting news story, I'm afraid to tell the other two stories.

 I have to tell them to get them to leave my head. so perhaps I will just tell them both today and be done with it.

After we boarded the plane at Tegel, the pilot gave his usual spiel. 

He then went on to say- if at any time, the stewardesses ask you to sit down -do so immediately. There is to be no congregating in the aisles and passengers may only use bathrooms located in their seating sections. 

These were not  usual announcements for any flight. very unsettling announcements portending potential disaster- at least in my mind.

i told myself- if anything's going to happen- so be it. give me strength.

i settled in and tried to forget my uneasiness. my companion was a young woman wearing a rather large engagement ring. she wasn't american. i presumed later that she might have been engaged to one. romantic fantasy on my part perhaps. it became apparent over the 11 hour flight she was a somewhat seasoned flier.

i managed to stay awake over the UK and fell into sleep till the smell of food awoke me.

the stewardesses were wack on that flight.


they kept putting their hands all over the cups. and letting the passengers touch them to take their own cups too. it was sick. these were seasoned staff . they should have known better.

i presumed it was another example of one of our failed system's atttempts to work. seniority was at play here. those women were on that flight because they were senior staff and had earned the privlege through years of service. what they were doing was appalling.

beyond that- my seat mate was drinking water every chance she could. as one is supposed to on a flight. especially such a long one. when she asked one more time for water,

the stewardess said to her, so much water, are you nauseaous? you better go to the bathroom- it's over there.

we both looked at her like she was cracked. i was willing to give her a leeway for possible cultural differences. i won't name her ethnicity. my seat mate was just annoyed. in retrospect, i don't blame her a bit.

as i've mentioned previously i fell asleep over Iceland awoke again over Greenland, it took a long time to fly over Greenland and a very, very long time to fly over Canada. 11 hours in the air.



i took pics and dozed. the odd thing was every time i woke up- the same guy was standing in the same spot -just staring out the window. not looking relaxed in any way. as a former bartender his stance was meaningful to me. no one else seemed to notice.

when we got to JFK he was in a loop ahead of me in the customs line.

out of my peripheral vision i saw him look me up and down like a piece of meat. i felt him take in my boots, my pants, my leather coat, my bags and each individual piece of jewelry i was wearing. i pretended not to notice. my diamonds are fake for a reason, though that wasn't my concern here.

after getting through customs, bags have to be claimed and rechecked for the connecting flight. this same dude, in front of two agents and 7 porters, sitting around doing nothing, picks up his bag, puts it on the floor, opens it and peeks in. quickly zips it shut and heads off to check it.

why do i have to see that and why does no one else notice?

he goes on his merry way and i get interrogated about my nipple piercings 5 minutes later.

this world is fuckin wack . i'm too spent to tell you the other story now. we'll save it for another day.

be safe, people.