... i was awakened by the phone ringing in my bed. apppparently i'd fallen asleep with it in my hand last night.

it was my realtor calling at 7.30 a.m. i called her yesterday to discuss putting my house on the market. she's the same woman who sold me the house...i thought i'd do her the favor of letting her earn a commission off the sale again if i decide to proceed. 

so, since i've lived in this town forever and everyone here knows me and my family,

she first felt she needed to tell me she's very sorry to have  learned of my mother's death...that it seemed so sudden and that i must have been terribly surprised.

in my sleepy stupor, all i can think to tell her is that my mom died of lung cancer. that there are no diagnostic tests for lung cancer untill it's final stage. so the disease and death always seem sudden from lung cancers because of the late stage they're found.

she wasn't quite sure what to say next. she certainly knew enough not to segue into a conversation about the ex- partner she sold this house to me with. 

that's why i called her back. she knows what she's doing. one needs to be as delicate as a mortician to be a successful real estate agent.

i was so wrung out from my impromptu public service announcement, i had to go right back to bed after we agreed on a time for her to come and see the house.

next i overslept.


beyond that i went through a red light today- late on my way to a dr's appointment. i burst into tears when the cop on the road job pulled me over. he was a cute, young thing and told me not to bother fishing in my purse for my license because his hands were too cold to write a ticket. He did remind me that a redlight ticket costs $150.00 and tags your auto insurance with a $1200.00 surcharge. thank you, kind, handsome policeman, i really appreciate what you did.

This girl needs all the breaks she can get lately.

Kiss your wife for me when you get home. love, josie

Kind, good ,men always remind me of my father and how few and far between good men are.

My daddy was a policeman too, for altruistic reasons.

There have been a few who reminded me of him, usually they are unavailable or just flat out tell me they wouldn't be good for me.  In my opinion, those words are the keys to the kingdom. twice anyway.

Don't try it.