When i left the club last night

i wondered where and when

i'd see joshua again

he told me last weekend where he lives

i'd look like an idiot

if i went there looking for him.


today i went to the gym

i didn't get that much of a workout last night

so i pull into the gym

you know whtthefuckzhername works across from there now. (my ex)

the ellipticals were all taken

so i took a tread at the window

i'm working a beat

a crow and a gull are circling overhead today

small planes are lifting into the sky

i'm looking at honda, the crow, the gull, 

 tryin not to think about whether or not whatthefuckzhername's working over there.

Joshua rolls by on a ten speed

there he is

regulation army surplus back pack on his shoulders

my angel guardian.

it's a small town

thank you jah.

the universe tells me what to do. one and a half hours of the most inspired cardio and lifting ever.

ride safe soldier boy.