Five Guys Named Moe

One angel named Joshua

that's all i'll tell.

he wouldn't want me to say more.

he's a big tall tree.

thanks to him, i'm here.


time for us to live...

he won't tell but I will... I danced alone mostly, the dj wasn't the same. joshua kept wandering by looking at his cell phone , texting, following his phone around like a flashlight. Pretending he didn't see me. i was cool with that. i made my way through some bad, jamaican yard stylee djing with a loudmouth jock screaming over the crackle of the drum and bass wacked speakers. i was doing my thing against the wall. getting some silent acceptance from the boys next door. when i got tired of the boys looking surreptitiously at the white chick who could dance...I went to the bar and the ladies room for a break. joshua was still circling around. two feet taller than the rest of the crowd... the music shifted while i was out of the room ...i bounced onto the floor and some beautiful, brown Amherst college boy jumped on behind, i let him. he was a hot dancer. the songs kept rolling. he jumped off and his friend jumped on , he was hot too. third one comes next. what's your name, pretty? Susie,(stock answer for silly boys). Susie, is your boyfriend here? He might be- i say. We rock. everybody's on the dance floor so we're dancing up against the bar, next thing i know the other two guys jump on and i'm in a circle of three guys... ooh- it was fun but probably not the most sensible decision i could of made...but the dj had finally taken off and shut up. there was no decision really, it just happened. we rocked as four- really hard. hard in a way that told me these guys weren't shy with each other and what was happening was fun on the floor but could be wildly dangerous elsewhere. when i put my drink on the bar to continue the dance, the bartender, just said- whoa. next thing i know one of them asks me if i get low. not in a circle of three guys i don't. song change and i dance my way to the middle of the floor leaving those bad boys alone. Showing up in stealth mode, mr. tall, dark and joshua is standing over me with his hands on my shoulders- pulling me in. he's a quiet tree but he was revved. his hips told the truth . i couldn't slow him down. we got low...and i bounced back up a few times. the music ended and the lights went up. i followed him out to thank him. kind, quiet, subtle acknowledgement as he conversed with his friend. good night i said. i know his beatiful, dark eyes followed me to my car. i went home safe and happy. it's always nice to meet the exception to the rule.