She loves me.



I'm working.


I work every morning.

Oh, your blog? your pictures?

Yeah my work. I'm busy right now. I'm having a baby with 46 or so people on the internet.


Yeah due date's december 1 2008 EAST BERLIN.

I kno w that makes me seem even crazier to you all now.


i thought she stopped talking. if you know foof, you know that's rare.

So i said into theephone, Are we going out tonight or what?

Dead SPace.

That's not unusual.

Last Friday she told me she loved me by screaming   GO THE FUCK BACK TO BERLIN !!!! At me.

Have i told you i'm getting my first digital scrap tat today?

It should look like the frayed remnant of a beautiful woman's dress found blowing in the breeze on a rusty barb.

Tonight i'm going to go to mama iguana's and knock back some of their finest shit and celebrate my freedom. the food's lame (it's east coast mex) but they can't hurt the tequila as long as I order it my favorite way. Straight.



Three or so people in the US are sure virtual lover has gone off her rocker since Berlin.

i know YOU know better.


foof (11:03:53 AM): you going over to the studio today- why did you hang up on me?
jozeesoho (11:04:10 AM): i thought you hung up on me
jozeesoho (11:04:18 AM):
foof(11:04:23 AM): no
jozeesoho (11:04:28 AM): shrug
jozeesoho (11:04:38 AM): mama iguanas tonight?
jozeesoho (11:04:44 AM):
foof (11:05:00 AM): i was doing dishes maybe I lost the call
foof (11:05:06 AM): by the sink
jozeesoho (11:05:04 AM): could be
foof (11:05:17 AM): thought you hung up
jozeesoho (11:05:14 AM): i thought you were mad at me
jozeesoho (11:05:17 AM): lol
foof (11:05:23 AM): no
jozeesoho (11:05:23 AM): LOL LOL
jozeesoho (11:05:26 AM): haha
jozeesoho (11:05:32 AM): mama's tonight?
foof (11:05:35 AM): thought the same
foof (11:05:59 AM): ya sure can I ask curtis if he wants to come
jozeesoho (11:06:08 AM): of course james too
jozeesoho (11:06:13 AM): if you want
jozeesoho (11:06:16 AM): whoever
jozeesoho (11:06:21 AM): the more the merrier
jozeesoho (11:06:38 AM): love you
foof (11:06:45 AM): James is gone
jozeesoho (11:06:45 AM): have to get dresssed now
jozeesoho (11:06:56 AM): oh darn i didn't get to say goodbye
foof (11:07:17 AM): are you heading over to the stdio to day?
jozeesoho (11:07:29 AM): i have some running around to do maybe later
jozeesoho (11:07:38 AM): i'll call ya
foof (11:08:01 AM): he is leaving today or tommrow  I can give you his number if you want
jozeesoho (11:08:29 AM): give him a call and see if he can meet us for a goodbye patron
foof (11:08:34 AM): k am not working I took the day off the girls and curtis are working
jozeesoho (11:08:43 AM): i am getting my tattoo
jozeesoho (11:08:46 AM): today
foof(11:08:59 AM): ok of what?
jozeesoho (11:08:59 AM): i'll show you later
jozeesoho (11:09:06 AM): didgital scrap
jozeesoho (11:09:19 AM): digital
jozeesoho (11:09:23 AM): it's a secret
foof (11:09:32 AM): what?
jozeesoho (11:09:30 AM): i wasn't going to tell you
foof (11:09:41 AM): okay well have fun
jozeesoho (11:09:38 AM): but since you have one i am
jozeesoho (11:09:52 AM): see you tonight
foof (11:09:59 AM): k
jozeesoho (11:09:58 AM): ly
She loves me and she has a beautiful wrist tattoo. She's probably pissed at me again right now.
Since Berlin there are two thoughts stuck in my mind, I wonder what my baby (s) going to look like and if  jesus came back- would anyone believe her this time?


foof (11:17:38 AM): i just texted james and he said that sounds nice he will tell patty.
jozeesoho (11:17:49 AM): cool
foof(11:19:01 AM): okay have fun with your tat- where are you getting it?
jozeesoho (11:19:13 AM): off the map
jozeesoho (11:19:16 AM): in eho
jozeesoho (11:19:18 AM): andy
jozeesoho (11:19:22 AM): he's very good
foof (11:19:28 AM): you kno it hurts a little
jozeesoho (11:19:34 AM): i've been researching this for a while
foof (11:19:44 AM): k
foof (11:19:56 AM): where on your body?
jozeesoho (11:19:59 AM): do you know -i've delivered two babies with one shot of demerol between the two ?
jozeesoho (11:20:04 AM): wrist
jozeesoho (11:20:13 AM): just the first part
jozeesoho (11:20:25 AM): a section for every country i visit
foof (11:20:28 AM): that hurts like hell just so you no
jozeesoho (11:20:32 AM): starting with germany
jozeesoho (11:20:37 AM): no prob
jozeesoho (11:20:56 AM): perhaps you didn't understand about the delivery.
jozeesoho (11:21:02 AM): later hon
foof (11:21:11 AM): be low or a bove the bone?
foof(11:21:19 AM): k have fun
She thinks she loves me.
I KNOW I love you guys.

We're having OUR baby.



i'm not delusional I know it's only Friday.

Dream with me now.


A man with no past alerted me to this song. I wish he was with us in ipernity.