6:36 AM Today March 6 2008


Subject line

Very lovely Anniversary Present For You.


You prefer store delivery or by my hand.

10:12 am


Wolfie123: Did you get my message?

I xed that out right away.

I haven't checked my mail for a few days because, he hasn't stopped trying to contact me even though I sent him this letter. http://www.ipernity.com/blog/allaroundtheuniverse/48655

This harassment confirms the decision I made last night. I'm going to Key West for ten days to think some more.

I already told you guys , I don't want to talk about him till it's done. ten years done. Right now i just don't wanna think about him cause it's making me feel like having a bittersweet puke.

He's still not listening.

Thank you for doing so.

Love V.L.