Your feelings as you know, are not my responsibility.

Last week I asked you not to contact me because I was feeling smothered.

Since then you have ignored my request repeatedly.

If you continue to harass me while I am thinking: I will be forced to use whatever means necessary to stop you. Do not respond to this letter. Josie Soho March 4 2008 11.39 A.M.  in response to letter below  and previous mail.

There have been phone calls and drive bys too. I have a blog called Kiss and Tell™

the phone's ringing hold on- it was him.

Kiss and Tell™ was put to bed because people didn't get it. It's unbecoming for a lady to kiss and tell. Even if I only tell the parts about me. Sometimes there's a way to do that and sometimes there isn't.


I'm pregnant and I think I have to take my babies away for the weekend. I need to sit by the ocean and eat a lobster and drink a beer to my mom, Pat.

You aren't going to be hearing anymore about that man who called himself my spiritual husband, for a while. I don't talk about how things end till at least ten years after the fact.

I'm gonna color pics and try not to think for now. that's a lot more difficult than maybe you can imagine.

Hold down the fort for me, honeys.

love V.L.


Sometimes it best not to tell everything.

I don't need a man to take care of me. I just want one who loves me. My eyes are wide open.


Do you know what Louis Vuitton spells backwards?

Lunch time.