...writing from the room where i lost my daughter and I convinced my mother to die.

 I'm sitting just where the crib and the deathbed were.


Those are long stories... point is what would you do if you were sitting here and all this shit just kept pouring out. I won the house but I don't want to lose the war.

Stay or go?



she was so sick and hungry

she just chewed gum

it didn't always make the


she never once complained when she knew it was fatal

she cried the day she knew she'd lose her hair.

that's all

except on the day of her leaving she awoke

to tell me

we were dreaming her death dream in tandem.

i'm still scared shitless.

i listened to her lungs fill all day

in a coma.

i had to look her deep in the eyes and send her

to find my father

when she roused to go 12 hours later.

Don't ever ask me to look into your eyes like that.

She swore she'd never give him another chance.