Damn- I hate it when I'm clairvoyant.

The messages all come at once and the people who think they love me, think they know me,


(if you say words over and over they eventually have no meaning- try that with penis and vagina)

I'm going crazy.

it just means

I need to go to another city

to get away from the noise.

Pack your bags.

jC- joZee wants to go away with you.... keep writing- i think we can do it.

I had a vision about making love at the Russian memorial under a full moon last night. There's an allee of the most beautiful birches there...my tree.

I have to write these thoughts here because you're the only who reads them.

When I ran the play by the first actor I was considering for the lead, He told me to stop being so impatient and to get back to work. Too bad he's not ever going to get that job. He doesn't know what work is.

That's two men in three days. I told them both told plain and clear.

I don't need men in my life who tell me I can't do what I'm doing.

Mistresses don't allow things wives often do.


I don't have to scream that in bold for you. I'd never even have to whisper it to you. Except i repeat what i write under my breath all day long.

 You'd know what i meant.

You do.


The people who love me asked me to come back from Berlin in five days. My friends told me to change my ticket once I got there. Guess who was right? I wasn't done looking yet.

Lesson learned. Chosen love is the clearest, truest love.



And yes, I'm still pregnant dammit!

Happy monday babies. i know I'm an artist because i struggle for my title every day.

Go out there and attack the week!!!

Virtual Mamacita