Thoughts while thinking about what to pack for Berlin.

I wanted to include a vid in my post today though i NOW know A LOT of you can't see them. My apologies. I'm quite dissappointed to know that you can't see the vids I've chosen, they all had some very strong graphic work as well as a lot of references to photography. I am currently trying to pursue a way to find links and vids which are accessable to ALL. Maybe futile but with the capabilities we have here on iper there's got to be a way. Perhaps there are musicians and videographers who'd like some extra exposure on my blog? Je ne sais pas. Project for the future.


I've noticed some new blockhead's this week. They're not newbies. They're people who decided to resign from Iper for whatever reasons they may have had. I'm sorry to see them go.

I've never deleted a photo account. I suppose that's untidy of me and potentially a risk for theft. I do check on them and see that they're still maintained and recheck to see where I've come from artistically. As I've said, the web is my mental filing cabinet.


This week I've been post processing old works in a new way, while readying myself for my trip to Berlin. There will be a new perspective to my photos starting tomorrow. I  leave the US Thursday and arrive in Berlin on Friday. I am very excited to show and share what I see.  Love, V.L.