If our world is virtual, we ought to be able to control every aspect of it. The fact that our feet are tethered to the ground while our hearts and minds soar free over the keyboards is problematic. The virtual and the actual are so jumbled up these days. While I'm talking to you half a world away- any number of people from my actual life may break into my thoughts with instant messenger. One upstairs, one across town and one, two towns away. People securely in my life staying in touch virtually.

Meanwhile as I'm typing to you...


hon, you used to mention me here there?
jozeesoho (7:46:01 AM): i've been thinking of that
(7:46:16 AM): no more??
jozeesoho (7:46:27 AM): truthfully the longer we are together the more awkward i feel about you being married
jozeesoho (7:46:38 AM): not sure how to broach it
(7:46:59 AM): i was afraid of that
jozeesoho (7:47:07 AM): when you reminded me recently that people might not like me for my writing perspectives
jozeesoho (7:47:18 AM): i got more self conscious
jozeesoho (7:47:45 AM): i mentioned you last week
(7:47:59 AM): in other words you no longer love me
jozeesoho (7:48:10 AM): that's absolutely untrue
 (7:48:22 AM): ok
jozeesoho (7:48:50 AM): i don't want to suffer the wrath of people who think we're wrong
jozeesoho (7:49:09 AM): all the people you see me talking to in comments know my relationship with you
 (7:49:31 AM): i like to talk about that before you leave
jozeesoho (7:49:36 AM): yes
(7:49:52 AM): in person
Conversation used with permission.


Actual, virtual- see what I mean?

My children used to tease me about my pretend friends on the web. I took my oldest daughter with me to Maine.  To meet two women from Canada whom I met on Henri Bank's photo blog collaborative, Web-Pix. I also drove to Hartford Connecticut to meet my friend Ashish who's now married and not so active in blogland any longer.

Point is, I've made some great friends through the internet and my family actually realized my friends are not pretend.

I am really excited about going to Berlin and meeting my Iper friends and Henri Banks. You all found me in the net. We found each other. I'm constantly amazed at the vast possibilities and perspectives the web offers up. I am not setting Henri apart except he and I have been conversing almost daily since 2005 and have often talked about if and when we would meet. Suddenly, it's now!

I am so excited to meet whomever can make it to Berlin this coming weekend for a sharing of points of view and perspective. For those of you who can't make it. We'll meet another place, another time. We're with you!

Love, Virtual Lover


*editors note The title for this post was in place before the conversation in instant messenger ensued.