Rambling thoughts today. i'm too high level energy to sit here for a write and re-write x10 today.

 Yes, I know my edited posts have typos sometimes. This is my mental filing cabinet on the web as well as my mouthpiece to you. Bear with me.

Thoughts on YouTube and blogging. Vids are unstable post material and inaccessable to some. Very important to document which one is in any given post in a blog because it it inevitably disappears leaving blog holes. if ever visible at all . my apologies to Loky. he doesn't need any more blank spots. he doesn't deserve them either. YouTube- What's up with locking out Spainards? when will people understand this is one planet? besos!!!

I'm very excited to go to Berlin... I will be showing my jewelry line in the city while i'm there...  have very much to do. will try to keep up my daily documenting while fulfilling all my adult obligations here before take off.

Missy Elliot's topping the vid charts with Ching -A- Ling on BET this week in the U.S.



Happy Saturday babies! Spread the love! oxo V.L.