This blog was opened with my photo of a long ago Valentine from the first man I really ever loved, John. He gave me this card with a dozen red roses delivered on Valentine's day. He was on his way to Maine to play a gig. I grew up in Chesterfield. He bowled me over that day. I fell hard when he married someone else a few months later. Needless to say, I've had a general mistrust of red roses and their sentiments since that day back in the early 1980's. I never lost faith in John, but I really can't stand red roses. 


Years later- February 14,1989, I marrried the father of my children. One child was in attendance, the second yet to be conceived. Though he and I had been together five years prior to being married, the relationship didn't last. Marriage wasn't the cement that could hold our relationship together. We weren't ever a team and it became more apparent after the wedding. We're friends.

Despite these difficult attempts at love, I'm still a believer. I hope you are too.

Happy Valentine's Day- sweet ones! 

Love, V.L.