My lover warned me that I might be unliked for posting as a virtual lover. He doesn't understand that worrrying that people won't like her is a problem my author struggles with daily.

She has generalized anxiety - disorder. Doesn't everyone? She's also together enough to maintain 4 websites, five domain names and to have registered one trademark with another pending. As well as making jewelry and raising two children. AND having an inter generational love affair with a married man.  Yeah, people might hate her.

My author began writing about me, Virtual Lover™in 2005, and Josie Soho® in 2004.

The original sites still exist though the first Virtual Lover blog is open to authors only. Josie Soho's original Straw House's blog is still available to public search though the archives have been shut off for now. The early postings are very raw. They earmark the time period when she was mourning the loss of her mer-child and father's suicide. As we were recounting these issues, her mother was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer with bone  involvement.

What you see presented here on ipernity as the life of Josie Soho® and Virtual Lover™ are real life experiences of our author combined with the person she hopes to be.

Over time it was realized there were more than two virtual lovers out there. The planet always has room for expansion. Thus, this blog All Around The Universe, was born.

Our author knows if people don't like her it could be for any number of reasons. She can't stop producing. 

No one ever said life was going to be easy. Thanks dad.

Still, our author rises daily to go to see what's happening in the virtual world she and her friends are spinning. 

With lots and lots of love, V.L.

We all make a planet.  Be happy and well. love, Jo