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 Lil Mama Chris Brown T-pain - Shawty Get Loose Remake



Lagging behind a bit in the gym today so I plugged into BET on the treadmill's TV screen. This vid provided the bounce I was missing after hearing all my songs so many times. So I closed my eyes at the gym and got loose and shook it like no one was there...

How's your wednesday goin?

love, Virtual Lover

meanwhile oh yeah, a white delivery truck went by at the same time it said 


We've been in a rainy fog here for three days. It's like living in a semi- dream state. I don't know what any of this means but it makes me laugh. I've got a busy, busy mind.

I could tell you about the three dreams I had last night too. I won't they'll appear in my work somehow... 

let me see you let down your hair and dance like no one's there...