I watched the "Big Girls Dont Cry"remix vid with Fergie and Sean Kingston so many times last week I had a dream I stuck my tongue in Fergie's navel. Funny, because I recently said on my Straw Houses blog there were only two women on the planet I'd consider jumping back over the fence for, Fergie and Annie Leibovitz.

I told my boyfriend about my Fergie dream. He got instantly hot. No surprise there.

He told me he'd be right over. He logged off and showed up 12 hours later- still burnin.

Hahahahaha. Let me just remind you all. I was welcomed to the world of lesbianism with the caveat emptor, "Lesbianism, isn't women being all nicy- nice to each other you know".

We talked about my dream, he and I.

He thought of all the glamourous possibilities his mind could summon.

I thought about my experiences in the world of feminina-  Ptown, West Hollywood, Palm Desert, and my own hometown which has the designation of being crowned Lesbianville USA. 

Bebe asked me why I chose Fergie and Annie. I told him Fergie would be lust and and Annie would be true love. Each worth the burn in their own way.

He thought lust was good.

With that understanding, we did The Deed.

I hope you had a nice weekend too, babies.

Love, Virtual Lover