One of the  the two machines I'm currently having sex with. Daily, in the gym. I'm dancing to this soundtrack. While I was researching life force elliptical trainers I found this link...Pure Infusion... Interesting, tantric sex and meditation. Hmm,I guess equating the gym with sex isn't so off base. I have been working my hips hard on the treadmill.

If you want to really get into my head give the slideshow a listen with a good pair of noiseblocking headphones. I just picked up a decent, dj style pair of Sony's for only $20.00 US.

I'm hitting those machines (robotic men) hard. People are sometimes looking at me with amusement and sometimes respect. I don't care what they think because I'm getting super results!  I found this link called Work The Booty recently that happens to back  my wack style up.

So yeah, I'm rockin those bad boys hard. An hour to an hour and a half a day. The elliptical is great for pretending you're riding a bike when you're not pretending it's a man. ;-) It's possible to do vertical, one handed, side crunches while working it too. I find thinking knocking knees with a hot guy helps. Left knee, right knee, brush across the pelvis, left hip, right hip, reverse and back off... Speed up!

 Song of the Day - I heard it this morning while pumping gas...

Maggie May- Rod Stewart And Faces


Off to see my life coach and then dancing at the gym. Happy Monday. Be safe babies!

I'll see you later.

Virtual Lover

P.S I found this on Pure Infusion too

Love, as an energy, is a full-body connection between two individuals. It begins when our auras open up to one another, and we get a glimpse of the real human below all the masks. It could be instantaneous, or it could take months of trust to build up before the auras open up, but that is the root cause of love. At the point where we get a glimpse of the true human spirit below all the surface masks, we are naturally inclined to allow our own masks to drop, if only for a moment, so that spirit meets spirit; electrical current meets electrical current, and the two fuse a new connection.

Share your aura with someone today!

i love you, V.L.