Singing along at the top of my lungs to this version today.

JoJo - Beautiful Girls reply musicvideo

My boyfriend called this morning to ask if everything was okay. He's married.                    Perhaps he was reading my blog at 3 a.m. last night instead of checking the stock market in Hong Kong, as he usually does. I wasn't online either which makes him nuts.  Yes, I did just admit that my actual love is carried out virtually and it's with a married man. Ouch. wince,pain. I can explain- but not now.         

Just know, this is a onetime deal. He DOES.  If you're married or comitted, you have NO chance with me WHATSOEVER. UNLESS you know how to be FRIENDS with a WOMAN.  Got it?  Ok. Good. For now I am not dating.


I'm easy to get along with but I'm a difficult person to be in love with. My life is an open book. He sometimes reads me. We've had an understanding from day one that he has no authority to censor me. He also understands that my blogs are fantasy and reality combined.

To love me, is to love what I do.

 Take it easy...  I ain't sleazy.  

C'mon girls!  We're Fergalicious.

oxo Virtual Lover