Dear Virtual Lovers,


I'm having an evolution right now. Thanks for joining me.


I've intentionally been doing some work on personal growth. Changes have been coming much faster than I expected. I guess my timing's in tune with the universe. I seem to be getting some sort of cosmic nod. Life affirmations and changes have been coming fast and furious. Warp speed it seems. I'm not going to question. I'm strapping on my helmet and going with the flow.


My boyfriend reached the milestone of understanding, I AM an artist yesterday. He told me I was experiencing a mental and spiritual evolution. He should know. He knows everything about me. We have absolutely zero secrets. He has supported me emotionally and spiritually for the last three years in my quest to establish myself. 

I've no doubt I'm an artist. Never have. It's been a lifelong struggle to make those nearest and dearest to me in the actual world understand this. Perhaps you know firsthand how difficult this can be. 

I feel lucky to have found people with like minds on the web, specifically here on ipernity as well as other sites I've been on over the last few years.

People who do not participate in a world wide experience on the web have no idea how real the world we experience here is. I am so happy to know you all and to receive your interest and support. That we are able to find one another among all the tiny lights in the sky is truly an amazing gift.

Thank you for allowing me to see your work and enter your corners of the world.

My toes are on the ground while my head is in the sky...

Your friend, with love and admiration, Virtual Lover