Dear Virtual Lovers,

On The Wings Of Light by Haint


"We fly where and when we can" was Haint's response to my last blog post. Such a simple and thought provoking idea. I'm still mulling it over a day later.


It's made me think of these things; my dad's suicide, my mom's death from cancer and my gratitude for my own resilience for healing from these and other life altering experiences.



My trials are part of me as a person. They don't make me better or worse as a citizen except for shaping who I am from who I once was.


The person I am now doesn't take life for granted. I know with certainty our time on this plane is limited.


I want to squeeze every last drop of juice out of every day, from now till the end of this existance.


I hope all of  you feel the same way.

Your work certainly looks as if you do too.

oxo Virtual Lover