Homes Homes a man with stones.

When he's not making pics he's writing pomes.

G'night homes, watch out for warlocks.

Homes responds overnight:

warlock, shmorelock, keep the door locked. night is bound by a fearsome hound. don't share that frown, and don't look around. it crawls, it runs, it chases nuns. it grins, it growls, and even scares the owls. listen, listen, its skin a glisten, its howls shake the human bowels. don't run, don't hide, just slip inside. curtains closed, fire roaring, HEY ! don't sleep, it'll hear you snoring!

Which virtual lover wakes to and replies:

warning ,warning yes i'll be snoring, witches and warlocks think i'm boring. the hound, the hound he wandered round sniffed my door and left for town. today, today i'll fly with fae. hither and thither yonder way. to some they bring much fright. to me nothing less than great delight. we skim the earth soaring over everyone's dreams- life with wings is beautiful or so it seems.i leave you now unless you can take my hand, up up, up beyond the land.

To be continued...i hope.