So Jeannette and I have been having a wonderful time in Ireland the last week or so, despite the fact that so many things are closed in the Christmas & New Year's season. Today, after a few days of pouring rain, the weather was actually pretty decent, and we were out driving along the remote(ish) Dingle Penninsula. We stopped at a site of a Stone Age fort, and decided this would be a great place to set up the tripod, turn on the timer and get a photo of both of us together for once, in front of the ancient "bee hive" stone hut. After a couple pictures of me looking goofy, I set it up one more time, and ran over to Jeannette's side. The shutter clicked and the flash, um, flashed and then a gust of wind blew the tripod & camera over onto a pile of stone age rocks.

The good news: The picture looks GREAT! The camera mostly* still works.

The bad news: The lens is completely funked up. This, of course, is the lens I just got back from repairs a month or so ago after dropping my camera bag in the San Jose Airport in August.

* What's up with the camera? Why 'mostly'? Well, there are some scratches and scrapes, and the frame is bent slightly (but, thank bejeezus, not the lens mount). The weird thing is that the power switch no longer works. It is always on, unless I take the battery out. Better than always off, for sure. The other bad thing is that the button that switches between manual, aperture priority, shutter priority and auto isn't working anymore, which means the camera is stuck in Aperture prio for now on. (It could be worse). Everything else seems to be OK.

We found a camera shop in town and picked up a cheap lens to fill in for the broken one, so I should still be able to get photos for the rest of the trip (I do have a focal length gap between 55mm and 80mm, but that's better than between 20mm and 80mm).


Anyway, I can't believe how much bad luck I have had with my gear this year. I try to be good and careful, but somehow it just hasn't been good enough.