I did a Google search and found almost 10,000 entries under Alexia Cournoyer.. I suspect most of them are duds. but I did find out the other day that her name is being used as a tag for porn sites and pornsites with malware.. so be warned if you go searching for her...

What I actually do is run 2 Shops in Second Life:

NDC and The Art Thing

I also have a blog that I use to display some of my goods that I sell and post pictures of the pics I've taken around second life:


and if you have a yearning to see my rl pics, check them out here..


I know.. bad of me. i still use flickr. I will set up a separate account here sometime but i still have to check to see if that's allowed..

so, a large web presence with a bit of smut but no porn.. I thought I had it all.. now I know I do.... how many of you can say you're infamous??? :(