As you can see (on the right) my birthday is approaching. Since people are used to give me presents and/or money on that day (I don't know why :P), I'll ask all of them to throw their money into one pot. Me'll throw some xtra coins into and afterwards I will try to swap that pot with a zoomlens somewhere. ;)

Could you help me a bit with finding the right one?

To make the shape a bit clearer the following information:

- me have Nikon D70s

- me want zoomlens >= 200mm

- me still n00b and no rich guy, so no need for Million-Dollar thingy ( <= EUR 300)

- me already have Nikon AF18-70/1:3,5-4,5G ED (so 17-80mm is clear ;))

- Tamron AF70-300 F/4-5,6 LD?

- Sigma AF 4,0-5,6/55-200 DC?

- Tamron AF 3,8-5,6/28-200 XR Di?

- Sigma AF 3,5-6,3/28-300 DG Macro?

- Tamron AF 3,5-6,3/28-300 XR Di LD?

- Nikon AF28-200 /1:3.5-5.6G IF-ED?

- special-secret-super-uber-tip?

- heeeeeeelp?