Since the year 2004 the global company Ineos intend to enlarge in Wilhelmshaven at the shore of the north see their Chemical Fabric. From now 360 employees later on about 660 Persons will be engaged there. They want to install a production line for cracking Ethan and transport this Product in an also new 270km long pipeline to Ruhr-District.

During the last year Project Cost arise about 30%. I guess this Growth is mainly originated by additional obligations with many unanticipated items here in Europe and Germany*). Mostly these Decisions are felt by too many people having safe jobs in the public surround. Therefore Ineos cancel this project.

Ineos do build a big Ethan Fabric in China too – make the new Fabric Size there bigger is one production Option for lean worldwide production (and no european Fabric). For the Workers in the administrations and in the Company the work in our native item is done. I wonder, also the Cabinets in Hannover and Berlin regret the gambled away European Chances- and feel not responsible *).

- i will optimise and reset me opinions  if possible by better informations