This is my view outside my apartment. I feel fortunate enough to have this opportunity to experience something my husband and I have always wanted to do. To live in europe and to know the world in full.

These are our fur babies. Arwen (calico right) Minou (tabby left). They are such a pain but we still love them.

Currently my husband, Kyle, has the steady job. While I have the temporary freelancing kind. I'm hoping to land something soon. When I look at job boards online, and talk to recruiters, it seems like most of the jobs are either in England or in Germany. In Amsterdam (AMS) there are 3 companies, in games specifically, that I could work for. Unfortunately they are all not hiring my skillset. (sigh)

But I will prevail! I need to look into setting up for ZZP'ING (zelfstandige zonder personeel/ self employeed without employees). I found THIS guide to help. We shall see!

In any case...
Thanks for visiting and following me from FLICKR to IP! xoxo